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Search Engines Crawler Work

Search Engines Crawler Work



It is true that, since the aid SEO promotion of sites and at the same time requires professional knowledge at least basic HTML knowledge. SEO is sometimes called SEO copyrighting because most of the techniques that are used to support points in the search engines, which are nothing to do with the text. SEO can be generally defined as activity to optimize a Web page or an entire page to get more search engine friendly, so you\’ll have a higher position in the search results.

The first is a fundamental truth, you need to know about SEO, search engines, people are not. While it may be obvious to everyone, there are differences between how humans and search engines to browse the Web page. Unlike humans, search engines are text. Even if the technological progress, fast, search engines are far from intelligent creatures who can sense the beauty of cool design or sounds and movements in cinema.

On the other hand, search engines, navigation, search for a specific item pages (mainly text, for example) on the Web to get an idea of what the page is about. This brief explanation is not accurate, because as we have seen in several operations, the search engine for a more efficient search results by indexing, transformation, public procurement and the importance of calculus.

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First of all search engines crawl the Web to find out what is This function performs a a … piece of software, called a crawler or Spider (Googlebot, or, as is the case of Google). The spiders follow links from one page to the next and what they find on their way home. On the number of Web pages (more than 20 billion), it is impossible for the spider to visit the site every day just to determine whether the new page, or changed to an existing page. Sometimes, the search will not visit your site in a month or two, then during this time will be rewarded with their efforts to search engine optimization. But there is nothing you can do, only discreetly.

What you can do is check to see what the search engine on your site. As already mentioned, there are people and crawlers are not photos, Flash movies, JavaScript, frames, password-protected page and the directory, so if you have tons of websites, it would be better to run the spider Simulator below, or can be easily seen a spider of these goodies. If they are not visible, they are not indexed, spiders, etc.-in a Word is non-existent for the search engines.

As I firmly in Ahmedabad SEO Expert blog and comments on what they can do to your SEO and probably always will always be a huge fan, but it should be used only profits SEO. Commenting on the blogs associated with the industry on a daily basis can have a positive impact for SEO link building only categorically, but also online reputation, brand positioning experts and fellow commentators, targeted traffic to your site.

Even in the case that blogs as nofollow in place, must have! You need to track, is a nice little bonus.

Don\’t worry about nofollow

If you take the time to your favorite blogs to express industry only twice a day every day, which is good, is a good backlinks for a year, but all of these comments must be dofollow links? No, of course not, Yahoo has a nofollow links so ask. And Yahoo can increase the value in the currency of the account to your web site and the price which may be charged, to appear advertising link ads.The text is using a Yahoo backlink as a factor in terms of providing some incidental ad.

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