Tips And Advice To Help You Decide On The Right Web Host

Submitted by: Roberto Parezze

There are many web hosts out there and it can be difficult at times to decide which one might work well for you. There are different kinds of web hosts depending on the needs of your site. There is shared hosting which involves as the name suggests, sharing resources with other web sites on the same server.

How to choose a host:


In order to select the right web host for your business you need to first evaluate the level of performance your site will need. If you are building a static website and do not expect too much traffic then you should consider a shared hosting plan as this can offer good performance for low bandwidth websites. The one challenge with shared hosting is that if you get unlucky and end up sharing a server with another site that is taking up too many resources then this will negatively impact the performance of your site. On the other hand, if you need more dedicated resources such as bandwidth, cpu and memory but do not want to spend more money on a dedicated server then you should consider a virtual private server as it can offer similar performance to a dedicated server at a much lower price. Another useful tip to keep in mind is to make sure the web host offers live phone and chat support.

The most control and highest performance comes from a dedicated server however the cost is the highest but it is often the smart choice if you intend to receive significant traffic to your site and need consistent performance. Another option is to also take advantage of colocation hosting where you can bring your own server but get to utilize the bandwidth and security of a data center. The disadvantage of course is that you have to have the technical ability to manage the server and the firewall otherwise it is better to consider a managed dedicated hosting plan. However, it will be significantly cheaper long term if you purchase and manage your own servers and you also get much higher levels of security.

Finding a good windows web host can be difficult since more power and resources are required to run an site so it is important to make sure that your web host offers at least 2gb of ram and a good processor. In most cases it is best to go with at least a virtual private server or dedicated if you can afford it if you are going with windows. There are many good web hosting comparison sites out there that can help you find the right hosting solution for your business so do a search and take advantage of them. If you are going with a linux web host then one of the best control panel is the cPanel so be sure that your web host offers this. Use these tips above to help you find the right web host for your business.

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