Weight Loss Surgery The Gastric Balloon

Weight Loss Surgery – The Gastric Balloon



There are several weight loss surgery options. The type you go for depends on the nature of your weight loss goal. The Gastric Balloon (BIBs) is suitable for patients who wish to have support in relatively short term weight loss, with that support removed after an agreed period. Typically the balloon is helpful for patients who wish to lose between two and three stones in size months, and require post weight loss support to help them get used to their new regime.


The lap band (also known as the gastric sleeve or gastric wrap) is for patients who require a more noticeable weight loss. General advice states that patients with a BMI of 30 or more could benefit from gastric band use. Unlike the Gastric Balloon (BIBs), which supports a single restriction on the stomach, the lap band is designed to be incrementally tightened over a long period of time (typically around two years). The gastric sleeve is wrapped around the stomach (hence the name ‘gastric wrap’), leaving a smaller area for food to sit in. Initially the food area is left at a reasonable size: as the weight loss progresses the lap band is tightened to continually decrease the food area, allowing patients to enjoy a healthy incremental weight loss without feeling hungry. The Gastric Bypass/BPD is the most extreme variant of weight loss surgery and should be entered into only after detailed consultation with your GP. When you have a BPD your gastrointestinal area is permanently surgically altered: an area of the stomach is effectively bypassed by dividing the entire gastrointestinal system so your body only requires a small portion of food before it feels full. The Gastric Bypass/BPD

is invasive but relatively safe – as with any surgery it carries a risk of unforeseen complications, but carried out in the right hands it is extremely effective.

Gastric balloon surgery

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