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Matteo Bedding: Luxurious, Masculine, And Saturated In Tone}

Matteo Bedding: Luxurious, Masculine, and Saturated in Tone


Kelly Renaul

Matteo bedding comes from Matthew Lenoci, who founded the company in 1996. Lenoci, who is a Harvard graduate, began his firm with the idea of simple sheets from the most luxurious textiles in the world. The small Los Angeles company is making giant strides in the global design markets, and retailers can now be found in different countries across the globe.

There are three different design lines: Due, Guest, and Matteo. The fabrics that they use for their products are sewn in Los Angeles, but are woven in Italy. The sheets are some of the most popular products that have evolved from the company, and they come in heavy 100% cotton, they are garment washed, and the colors that are used in addition to white are heavy, saturated, manly colors, which guys and girls both find aesthetically stimulating and attractive.

There are more things than just sheets that are turned out by this small design powerhouse such as duvets, shams, quilts, blankets, throws, and even bed skirts. It has been said that the attention to every detail that is paid by Matteo sets its bedding apart from other contenders that are out there. With the design studio right next to where the textiles are sewn and fabricated, the company and its products are just soaked with Los Angeles charisma. Quality control meets production in a classy and strong relationship with this design firm.

In addition to the heavy cotton that is used for many of the products, other natural fibers that are popular are Peruvian alpaca, Nepalese cashmere, Baltic flax, and Egyptian cotton. Many loyal customers find that the cutting edge technology that is used in design today complements the collective wisdom of Italian fabric mills that has been used for centuries nicely with their bedding. The fabric mills of Italy that supply the company with the textiles and fabrics are among the most renowned mills in all of the country.

Although the products that are available can be found throughout the world, they are exclusively distributed by elite interior designers and specialty stores, and a visit to the company website will offer users a page to find the nearest store to them. From New York to Los Angeles and across the oceans, this brand of bedding is giving design lovers, especially men, the chance to dominate the fashion industry with simple, yet strong designs and solid colors that roll everything into elegance that has been unseen so far in linen design.

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Matteo Bedding: Luxurious, Masculine, and Saturated in Tone


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