Must Have List: Luxury Accessories For Men

Must Have List: Luxury Accessories for Men


Siddharth puri

There was a time when men were not supposed to pay attention to their looks or wardrobe. They were not supposed to be concerned about whether that shirt goes with that pair of trousers or if that belt matches those shoes. They were not supposed to care about what their eyebrows look like or if their hair is going grey. All they were supposed to care about was whether or not their clothes are comfortable, clean, and free of rips. Anyone paying too much attention to their appearance, clothing, or accessories was labeled as effeminate.

But those days are long gone. Today, men are well groomed and discerning about what they wear. They are concerned about looking good and having a good first impression. That is why men s grooming and clothing has become quite popular. Increasingly, men are looking towards finding high quality, branded clothing that matches their personality and body type. But the hallmark of a well-groomed man is more than his looks and clothing; it also extends to the accessories he carries. Let s take a look at the fashion accessories that every man must have.

1.Classic Black Belt: Let s start with the obvious. One of the most critical accessories for men includes a classic black leather belt. As an essential component of a man s wardrobe, a belt needs to be able to complement whichever attire you don while not wearing a matching one. This makes a classic black belt essential because it can match any type of clothing you wear.


2.Black leather shoes: Shoes, especially black leather ones, form another essential component of a man s wardrobe. Like belts, shoes also need to be complementary to the clothes you are wearing. Moreover, a good shoe is the one that matches the color of the belt you are wearing. This makes it doubly important to get that black leather shoe.

3.Ties: Irrespective of whether you wear suits frequently or rarely, any man who dons a suit even on occasion is incomplete without a tie. Since ties are supposed to set off your suit and add a spark of color, it is a good idea to buy an in-season textured, silk tie. The texture of the tie will prevent it from becoming too gaudy while adding the much needed splash of color to your suit. The number of ties you buy would depend on how frequently you wear a suit.

4.Wallet: A leather wallet is critical to any man s wardrobe. It is needed in both formal and casual settings and needs to be simple and stylish. As far as a wallet is concerned, you cannot go wrong by choosing a black or a brown leather wallet that is stylish and free of embellishments. It would go with nearly all your clothes and would be a good investment.

5.Watch: Even nonmetrosexual men wear watches. It is a timeless classic that needs to be worn by everyone. A watch is a reflection of your own personality and therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a quality watch. If you can afford it, then it is a good idea to buy two watches one for formal occasions and the other for casual occasions.

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