Rejuvenating A Diamond Ring At Home

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What separates an engagement ring from other pieces of jewelry is the sparkling diamond at its center. This glittering gem is a symbolism of a lifetime commitment and a decision to spend the rest of your life with a person. When given to your loved one, that diamond can sparkle like a bright star in the sky. However, not even the most exquisite rock in the world will last forever. Even the most expensive diamond needs proper care and maintenance for it to remain beautiful.

Regardless of quality, carat or cut, dirt, oil and debris can still wear out the defining beauty of a diamond. One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make is on how they handle the cleaning of the stones. It is recommended to use specialized jewelry cleaners and detergents to remove any sort of buildup or deposits. The use of soap is a big NO. Even when carefully washed, it leaves residue on the jewel s surface, thus causing problems with the refraction of light in the gem, dulling its natural sparkle. Remember: just the shortest exposure to soap can make your shimmering rock looks like a cheap rip-off. Surely, you don t want that to happen.


When cleaning your diamond ring, you should know whether or not it requires an expert s touch. For example, consider its setting and complexity. The more elaborate it is, the more it needs a jeweler s attention. A complicated setting also suggests more corners for dirt and debris that can t be thoroughly removed without the proper tools. An heirloom that s been passed on from one generation to another deserves a professional s hands, as much for the sentimental value as the inherent monetary worth.

It also pays to set up a proper cleaning space that does not involve a sink or drain – best to avoid the clich of losing a valuable engagement ring down the kitchen sink. Towels can be useful for keeping the cleaning chemicals from affecting the surfaces or protect the ring from loss. Adequate lighting is also a must, to see what areas need more attention and to judge whether or not the cleaning has been successful. It d be hard to see the sparkle in a poorly-lit room.

Tight spaces in the prong or setting tend to get more than a few hairs or fibers stuck, be sure to remove them, too. To get the really tiny ones, tweezers can be helpful. Similarly, don t forget to pre-soak the ring to get rid of any loose dirt. Again, to avoid ring loss, stray far from any drains. There are professional cleaning solutions available out there, but if you want to make your own, keep in mind that a common formula is made of three parts water with diluted ammonia. Just in case you run out of ammonia, it doesn t make much of a difference to just use clean-rinsing detergent as an alternative.

Check for loose hairs that are stuck in the prongs. There may be some fibers stuck in those crevices. You can use tweezers to get them out. You also need to soak the ring beforehand to get rid of loose dirt. Check that you are far away from any sink or drain so that you won t end up losing the ring. One useful cleaning solution made especially for jewelry is to mix three parts of water with diluted ammonia; clean-rinsing detergent can also be used as an alternative to the ammonia. You can also opt to use professional cleaning solutions. You only have to dip the ring, but soaking is applicable as well.

About the Author: Without doubt, engagement rings are fitting symbols of love and dedication. And just like the relationships that they signified, they also need taking care of to preserve what natural radiance they posses


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